Our Story

The Home of My-T-Fresh Egg Farm

A successful business located on Highway 17 just West of Iron Bridge was once the site of a farm originally owned by pioneer William Allen and his family. In 1885, Mr. Allen purchased this 160 acres for only thirty two dollars. Mr. Allen sold the farm to his son Cyrus, and in the mid 1930’s it was resold to Mr. Ray Tulloch. Mr. Tulloch sold the farm to Mr. Wang who was a local physician of the area. He built the first barn that is now used on the property. It was a cattle farm until 1963 when under Mr. Wang’s ownership it was changed to an egg production. In 1968, Mr. and Mrs. Lauzsus bought the farm. The business grew to 23 000 chickens on site producing approximately 18 000 eggs per day. Eggs from the farm were shipped as far away as Wawa and Sudbury. The My-T-Fresh Egg Farm was well established in Algoma, and brought a fine reputation to the small village of Iron Bridge. (excerpt from Tweedsmuir History by the Iron Bridge Women's Society)

Fast forward to today, where another well established business, Laird Signs and Designs, calls this land home and is now paying homage to the original land by launching My-T-Fresh Custom Apparel.